Ecological certificates

Triumf products have the prestigious European Ecolabel ecological certificate, awarded to environmentally friendly products and meeting high quality standards.

Their composition is based only on natural ingredients environmentally friendly and skin friendly, and the specially designed formula effectively removes even difficult dirt. Triumf products combine high quality of laundry and security.

Ecological certificates


  • contain only biodegradable ingredients
  • their production process takes place without the use of hazardous and toxic substances and has a minimal impact on the environment
  • do not contain harmful additives, disinfectants or antimicrobals
  • are characterized by minimal use of fragrances, preservatives and dyes that can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation
  • have been tested in independent laboratories
  • are produced in controlled and certified factories

The Ecolabel certificate guarantees respect for the environment and high efficiency of products!

Triumf products are also distinguished by the Nordic Ecolabel, recognized Nordic certificate confirming very high environmental and climatic requirements. Using them in accordance with the dosing instructions reduces water pollution, waste production and energy consumption. Using Triumf products, consumers actively contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Ecological certificates


  • evaluates the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle
  • is moving towards sustainable consumption and production, resulting in a sustainable society
  • the criteria for labeling products with the Nordic Ecolabel mark are: energy consumption, climate aspects, water use, origin, use of chemicals, hazardous sewage, packaging, waste
  • Nordic Ecolabel products meet very high environmental and climatic requirements as well as product performance and quality requirements

By purchasing products with the Nordic Ecolabel mark, a consumer contributes to the environment protection and works for the good of the climate!

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