Advices for experts

Even the most experienced people sometimes need guidance on how to wash more effectively. Here are the most important Triumf tips for experts. Soon, all your laundry will be clean, fresh and free from any stains! On the battlefield with difficult spots, it is important to know what weapon you have at your disposal. Here you can get acquainted with Triumf products that are irreplaceable in the fight for clean clothes.


  • Choose the right detergent, depending on the type of fabric you have to wash. Not all detergents are the same. Different detergents consist of many different ingredients, Triumf detergents contain only the best and safe for the environment. For washing white fabrics, use Triumf Ultra White detergents, which effectively wash, remove stains and bleach clothes. The Triumf Ultra Color detergents are very effective in color washing, which effectively remove stains and have a color protection system.
  • What form of detergent should you choose?

Washing capsules: Easy and convenient to use. They dissolve completely during washing and ensure that dosing for one wash cycle is appropriate. Safe for the environment because they do not contain phosphates and zeolites. Washing capsules Triumf should be placed on the bottom of the washing machine drum and then put on clothes.

Washing liquids: Liquid detergents dissolve very quickly. They are ideal for preliminary stain removal, especially for stains that are difficult to remove, e.g. from oils or make-up and proper washing. They perfectly rinse from the washed fabrics.

Washing powders: Once the main type of laundry detergents, it has become less popular over the years as a result of the marketing of washing liquids and washing capsules. However, it still efficiently removes stains, cares for fabric fibers and protects the washing machine against corrosion. It is safe for the environment.

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