How to keep clean clothes on a journey

Everyone ever did it. You are just going to an important meeting and, unfortunately, you are straining your shirt with coffee or getting dirty with toothpaste. At home, you can simply change your outfit, but it is not so easy on a journey or during a trip. Follow our tips and the laundry will be the last thing you will have to worry about during your next journey.


  • Avoid natural fibers. Cotton and wool can dry for a long time. Instead, choose quick-drying clothes made of synthetic materials, microfibers and polyester and spandex blends. An additional plus will be that such clothes are usually light, so your luggage will be lighter and it will take up less space.
  • Create a laundry room. Transform the hotel bathroom into a handy laundry room. Use the basin and your favorite Triumf detergent to wash the necessary things by hand. Rinse and spread it out, let it dry.
  • Take the bag of dirty clothes. To separate dirty clothes from clean clothes while on a journey, collect dirty and worn clothes to a separate bag of dirty clothes.
  • Carefully brush your teeth. Titanium dioxide, which makes the toothpaste is white, can leave unsightly stains on the clothes. Water and detergent Triumf will easily remove them, but to avoid inconvenience, just brush your teeth before you dress.

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