How to keep warm in winter

When the temperature drops below zero, suddenly staying indoors seems more encouraging than running outside or sledding. However, you do not have to give up these activities just because it is cold. By following our guidelines, you can easily go outside without turning into an icicle.


  • Use the proper outfit for exercising outdoors. Three layers is the perfect number when it comes to winter exercise clothes. Start with a base layer that extracts moisture. It will allow you to extracts sweat from the skin and help regulate your body temperature (perfect for this are synthetic fabrics, including some sports fabrics containing wool – just check the information on the label). Then, dress the warm middle layer (wool or synthetic fleece will do well). Finally, especially if it is raining or snowing, add a waterproof and windproof top layer that will protect you from getting wet


  • Get gloves and socks from moisture-extracting fabric. Thanks to that your feet and hands will be dry and you will be warm. Buy gloves protecting against the wind on especially cold days, and put on a cap that will cover your ears.


  • Make sure your clothes are waterproof. This is especially true for children who love to spend time outdoors. The down filling of the jacket may get wet and, as a result, become cold. It is worth investing in special winter clothes. In the assortment of this type of clothes, you will find jackets, pants and gloves.



  • Follow the washing instructions. Winter clothes, especially from waterproof fabrics, does not require washing after each use, unless it is really dirty. Use Triumf Sport detergents for washing winter clothes that effectively remove dirt and sweat. Dry the laundry and enjoy clean clothes again.



  • Do not forget to irrigate the body and protect it from the sun. In winter, we do not feel as much thirsty as in the summer months, but regardless of whether you are jogging or sledding or skiing, remember to drink water regularly.Drink water at room temperature. To prevent it from cooling, use an insulated bottle. Do not forget about sunscreens. The sun’s rays are reflected from the snow, which makes you more prone to sunburn, even when you feel cold.

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