How to wash delicate clothes

Here are some popular myths about washing delicate fabrics. We advise how to wash them in the right way.


Myth 1. You can’t put underwear and lace clothes directly in the washing machine.

True: If you throw your lacy clothes into a washing machine and you wash like any other piece of clothes, there is a risk that they will stretch or break. This does not mean that you have to wash them by hand. You can also wash your delicate underwear in a washing machine in a special washing bag.


Myth 2. Silk blouses can be washed only chemically.

Falsehood: If the label of the fabric manufacturer is “only dry cleaning”, the fabric should be taken to the dry cleaners. If there is no such information, you can hand-wash your silk blouse. To do this, fill the bowl with cold or lukewarm water and add the right amount of liquid detergent Triumf. Wash gently for several minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry flat. More tips on silk washing can be found here.


Myth 3: Woolen socks can’t be washed in washing machine.

Truth: Washing sheep’s wool socks in the washing machine can cause shrinkage, distortion and loss of the soft structure. To clean clothes made of wool, clean locally soiled areas with a slightly damp sponge. Rinse with cold water, then put paper inside to prevent distortion during drying. After drying, gently brush the surface.

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