Innovations that have improved …

Here are revolutionary innovations that have made our lives simpler and more comfortable. We live in a constant hurry and at the same time, we have many tasks, we perform various functions. We need smart solutions that will save our time and energy.


1910 – Mascara. In 1913, chemist T. L. Williams developed the first mascara. He made it for his sister. This mascara was made of coal dust mixed with petrolatum. The next decades proved that this invention found its place in the toilets of many women, and therefore evolved and adopted the form that we all know today. A small tube with a brush helps to get thicker and longer eyelashes, thus improving the appearance and well-being.

20s of the 20th century – The first hair dryer. In 1920, the first manual electric hair dryer appeared on the market. However, it was very large and heavy, not to mention frequent overheating. Since then, thousands of patents have been issued for various designs of hair dryers. Most of them changed only the external appearance of the dryer, so that it would be more aesthetic. As time passed, the device was refined, several functions were added and security was improved.

1930s of the 20th century – Instant coffee. The enjoyment of the taste and refreshing effects of coffee became easier when the granulated and freeze-dried instant coffee was invented. Its main advantage is the simplicity of preparation, which leaves more time for consumption and fits perfectly into an intense lifestyle.

1950s of the 20th century – The first disposable diaper. Tired of the repetitive task of changing the diapers of her children, Marion Donovan prepared the first cover for diapers. She sat down next to her sewing machine with a shower curtain and after several attempts she prepared a waterproof diaper cover. Donovan patented her invention in 1951. Thanks to it, modern parents can enjoy practical and convenient to use disposable diapers.

1970s of the 20th century – Suitcase with wheels. Traveling has always been a great experience, but packing is not always the case. When choosing what to take with you and what you do not take, you realize that your suitcase is not big enough. The fear that you will not be able to pick up your suitcase is always an extra stress. Fortunately, the seventies brought a solution to this problem. There was no invention of a bottomless suitcase that would fit everything, but a suitcase on wheels was invented.

1980s of the 20th centuryHair remover. Nowadays justifying the rightness of this innovation seems unnecessary. However, this was not always the case. In the 1980s, women began to pay special attention to the removal of hair due to the trends in fashion. The first hair remover appeared in 1986. Since then, technology has evolved and the goal has changed a bit. We want to not only get the silky smoothness of the skin, but also to keep the effect for many weeks.

2011 – Implementation of Triumf detergents. Among the innovations of the 21st century, there are highly concentrated and ecological Triumf laundry detergents. Every day we have so many things to do, laundry is one of them. That is why the appearance of Triumf detergents, which effectively wash and care for our clothes, while protecting the washing machine from corrosion and the environment from contamination, is so important. Triumf makes your life easier and more comfortable.

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