Mess left by children

Everyone likes to have fun. Let your children learn by playing. Start with simple activities that will make children happy and clearing-up more easier.



  • Chocolate dessert. Preparing food is great fun for children and the activity they love. Let them do as much as they can. In a large bowl, beat chocolate pudding with 2 glasses of cold milk. Beat it for 2 minutes. Leave the dessert for 5 minutes in the fridge. Mix the pudding with half a cup of finely crushed cookies. Put the dessert in a few small glasses, sprinkle with crumbled cookies and decorate with a few jelly beans. Enjoy a tasty and rich snack.
  • Ornamental stones. Encourage your children to be creative through this exercise. First, collect and then wash and dry a few stones of the size of a baseball ball. Use non-toxic paint and paint the stones according to your child’s imagination. After drying, varnish the stones with a non-toxic varnish to fix the paint. Leave it to dry. Let the children put the made masterpieces in the garden or on the balcony.
  • Fun in the puddles. Raincoat and rain boots on a warm, rainy summer day. Just an outdoor shower. Let it happen. During the game, you can sing songs, recite poems and remember to perpetuate these beautiful moments with a recording. And dirty clothes? Triumf will take care of them.

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