Quick tricks to repair clothes

Nobody is perfect. Holes and stains happen even to the most elegant people. There is nothing more embarrassing than tearing pants or finding a ladder in stockings – especially during an important presentation, interview or date. Fortunately, in such cases you can deal quickly. Here are some typical crisis situations related to fashion and advices on what to do next.


  • Creases. You are not able to avoid movement, therefore creases may appear on your clothes. If you do not have an iron at your fingertips, gently wipe the place with crease using a damp cloth or paper towel, then smooth and dry with a hair or hand dryer.
  • Torn stockings. If a tear appears in your stockings or tights, instead of waiting for a lunch break to buy a new pair, you can deal with using a clear nail polish. Glue a piece of paper towel or tissue between the skin and the fabric, and then apply a thin layer of nail polish at the end of the tear. Wait for the nail polish to dry completely.
  • Static of clothes. Sometimes, unpleasant clothes adheres, especially in the case of artificial materials. You can get rid of it by spraying the material with hair spray. If you do not have a hair spray with you, you can gently spray the material with water, which will serve as a temporary solution.
  • Removing sweater pilling. If you can’t stand the small balls that appeared on your favorite sweater, take the sweater off, put it on a flat surface and remove the pilling from the pumice.
  • Tears of material. In this case, the tape may be helpful, but if you have staples at your disposal, they are even better. Find a secluded location, take your clothes off, hold the torn fabric and sew using the stapler at the point of tear, making sure there are no sharp, protruding ends. Gently put on your clothes and wear them carefully (remembering the staples) for the rest of the day.
  • Scratched shoes. Walking and running during the day can make your shoes scratch. Fortunately, there are different solutions to this problem for different types of footwear:
  • in the case of canvas shoes, rub with a toothpaste or baking soda
  • in the case of sneakers, rub with a pencil eraser
  • in the case of patent leather shoes, use a little nail polish remover
  • Broken button. Buttons break off from time to time. To quickly deal with it, find a piece of flexible wire and guide it through the holes of the button. Twist the wire and press to the fabric. To avoid scratches and keep the ends of the wire in place, glue them on the inside of the clothes with a tape.

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