How to iron shirt

Follow these simple steps to get a fresh, crease-free shirt that will make everybody a lasting impression. Nobody wants to look as if he slept in his clothes. Follow our simple washing instructions to get a clean and tidy appearance in the blink of an eye.


  • Check the shirt manufacturer’s label. Cotton and cotton blends tolerate hot iron, while polyester blends require a lower temperature. The manufacturer’s label should clearly specify it, but if in doubt, we start ironing from a lower temperature, gradually increasing it, until the creases on the shirt begin to disappear.
  • Be careful when it comes to strains. Pressing existing stains can fix them. Do not risk, choose a Triumf White liquid.
  • Ironing the collar. Start from the bottom of the collar, pressing from the edges towards the center. Turn the collar over and repeat the operation on the other side.
  • Ironing of the arms. Place one arm at the narrow end of the ironing board. Starting from the upper part (where the collar touches the shirt), guide the iron towards the center of the back. Repeat the process on the other side.
  • Ironing the cuffs. Put the sleeve flat, buttons or holes in the cuffs pointing up. First, iron the inside of the cuff, then turn and iron outside. Repeat the same with the second sleeve.
  • Ironing the sleeves. Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing board and smooth the palm with any folds between the fabric layers. First, iron the front of the sleeve and then the back. Repeat the same with the second sleeve.
  • Ironing front and back. Begin with the front part of the shirt being careful not to break them under the pressure of the iron when ironing the space between the buttons. Turn it over and iron the back of the shirt. After finishing, immediately hang the shirt on the hanger and fasten the buttons.

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