How to make your clothes look good for a longer time

Regardless of whether it is a new, elegant dress or a beloved, old sweatshirt, we always want our clothes to have great looks and quality for a long time. Follow the care tips below and your clothes will look like new.


  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Too often we put clothes into the washing machine, without looking at the labels sewn on the back or inside the clothes. They often contain valuable advice, such as turning corduroys and jeans to the left before washing, washing delicate products in cold water, or avoiding mechanical dryers for delicate fabrics.


  • Protect colors. For the clothes to look fresh, you need a laundry detergent that has advanced color protection technology. Dalli Color does not contain chlorine bleaches and is safe for all fabrics, thanks to which the clothes are clean and retain vivid colors for a long time.


  • Before washing laundry, repair the damage to clothes. When washing, the hole in your sock or tearing the sweater may be larger. If you care about washing clothes, repair the damage yourself before putting it in the washing machine, use the sewer’s help or bring the damaged item to the dry cleaners. Washing can increase the tear and cause additional damage to clothes. While washing, zip fasteners should also be used to avoid new damage.


  • Replace stains as quickly as possible. Act quickly to prevent fixation of the stain.


  • Do not spray your clothes with perfumes. Perfumes should be sprayed on the body as they react with your skin. Never spray on perfumes that contain alcohol and chemical fixatives. Before putting on clothes, carefully spray the neck, back and wrists with perfumes. The same applies to makeup. When wearing turtlenecks and blouses, be careful not to leave your makeup on clothes.


  • Fold sweaters. Never hang sweaters on the hanger. The shoulders will distort and the sleeves will stretch. Instead, put together your sweaters and store them in a chest of drawers or shelf in the closet.

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