How to wash and take care of sweaters

Why the sweater you bought relatively recently has these ugly “balls” under the arms and sides? Pilling arises when the fibers of the material break, separate, and then group into small “balls”. The tendency to pilling is clothes made of wool, cotton, cashmere and even polyester clothes. Clothes usually pill in the place where fragments of the fabric rub against each other.


How to wash a sweater and prevent it from pilling

  • Before washing, turn the sweater over to the left.
  • Check the fabric manufacturer’s label and follow its instructions.
  • Use the delicate washing cycle or use a hand wash.
  • Use a Triumf washing liquid.
  • Dry the sweater by laying it flat.

How to make sure that the sweater will not stretch

  • After washing, spread the wet sweater flat on a towel.
  • Wind the towel with a sweater to remove excess water.
  • Unwind the towel and lay the sweater flat on a dry towel.

What to do when the sweater is pilled

  • If the sweater is already pilled, you must be patient and remove the pills. Put clothes on a flat surface, then use small scissors or a sharp razor blade to carefully remove pilled balls.
  • If you are worried about not damaging the sweater, you can use something softer to remove the balls, for example combs with small teeth or pumice. There are also special gadgets called shavers for clothes, adapted to this type of activities, which do not damage the clothes fibers.
  • Consider buying a device like this. It is useful not only for sweaters, but also for pilling, which arise on woolen blankets, towels, furniture and dog beds. It can also safely remove pet pallet, loose threads and fibers, thus keeping fabrics and clothes in good condition.

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