What to do with single socks

It often happens that we put the socks together for washing, and we take them separately. Sometimes they can be paired and sometimes not. Still, individual socks can be useful at home. Here are some ways to recycle and reuse clean, single socks that will improve your everyday life.


  • “Sock bun”. This charming hairstyle is simple and elegant. It can be done thanks to a little innovation and one sock. Cut off the toe from the clean sock and roll (roll up) the rest in a donut. Pull the end of the ponytail through the center and roll the ends up around the sock. Then gently roll the sock up the ponytail, making sure that the hair curls up with it until it reaches the scalp. Spread the curled hair out evenly around the socks so that you can’t see the fabric and you’re done! Finally, spray the hair with a hairspray.
  • Storage of Christmas decorations. Socks are a great way to store Christmas decorations when we take them off at the end of the season. Wrapping delicate Christmas balls and other ornaments in clean socks, it protects them both from damage and from dust. Try this Christmas tip and your favorite decorations will be equally beautiful and shiny when you take them out next year.
  • Toy for animals. There are several ways to make toys for your pet from socks. Put a catnip to the socks with a bell and tie the top to get a cat toy. You can also throw a tennis ball into a sock to have a toy dog. Your socks can also comfort your pet when it stays alone because it smells like you (especially if they are not washed). Place the old sock in the dog or cat transporter when you go to the vet or leave it on the bed of your pet when you are away during the day.
  •  Devices cleaning. Like old shirts and other used fabrics, socks can be great cleaning cloths. Regardless of whether it is vacuuming, waxing or polishing, a solid old sock will do the job well and at the same time comfortably adjust to your hand – like a glove. After cleaning, put it in the washing machine using a reliable Dalli White detergent.
  •  Cupboard for small change. When you are preparing laundry for washing, you often find coins in the pockets. Store your “profits” in a spare sock to keep them safe. Clip it to the wall or keep it on the shelf. After each wash, count the amount. You can spend the collected money on another pair of new socks.
  • “Sock glove puppets”. Let the children engage in this fun and creative way of using old or unmatched socks. It also allows you to use other unnecessary items in your home, such as ribbons, pieces of fabric or buttons. Using glue or needle and thread, you can create various characters with your children, which can later be used for fun.

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