Blood stains

Accidents happen, but you do not have to worry about blood stains on clothes or other fabrics. Using simple Triumf tips, it’s easy to remove blood stains. A bit of blood does not have to ruin your day or your best shirt. Just follow the steps below to restore your favorite things to their former glory.

Step 1

1. Removing excess

Rinse clothes with cold water.

Step 2

2. Prewash

Soak the clothes in a solution of liquid detergent and cold water, e.g. Triumf Ultra White. Let your clothes soak for about 30 minutes, loading the fabric with a white towel stain to keep it completely immersed.

Step 3

3. Dosing

Pour the right amount of detergent into the cap and then into the washing machine's dispenser.

Step 4

4. Laundry loading

Without rinsing the detergent, put the laundry in the drum along with other things. Leaving the detergent on the stain will give your laundry extra cleaning power.

Step 5

5. Washing

Wash in the normal cycle in cold water. Do not use hot water as this will fix the stain. Always check the washing instructions on the fabric label.

Step 6

6. Taking the laundry out of the washing machine

At the end of the washing cycle, take clothes out from the drum as soon as possible. If the blood stain persists after washing, repeat the previous steps before putting into the dryer, as drying will fix the stain.

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