How to wash and take care of silk clothes

Few fabrics are as luxurious as silk. It may be a surprise that dry-cleaning does not have to be the only option of washing them. You can find more about silk washing in our guide below.


  • Read the fabric manufacturer’s label

If the fabric manufacturer’s label contains “Dry-cleaning”, it means that it’s recommended by the manufacturer, but not the only, cleaning method. It is usually allowed to wash silk clothes manually. The “Wash only chemically” recommendation should be strictly adhered to.


  • Perform a color durability test

Intense silk colors can often dye, so be sure to test them before washing: immerse the cotton swab in a water solution and a mild liquid Triumf Color detergent, then wipe the hidden seam to check if the dye remains on the cotton swab. Fabrics with light prints and those that dye should be dry cleaned.


  • Never wear silk

Rubbing one piece of silk over the other may cause brightening in this place. To remove local stains, especially those in the middle of the pattern, wash the entire fabric. Dark and difficult stains should be cleaned chemically.


  • Silk fabrics can be washed in cold water

Fill the bowl with cold water, add a small amount of liquid detergent Triumf Color and wash for 3-5 minutes. Rinse the fabric thoroughly. After rinsing, gently squeeze out excess water. Never screw silk clothes out because it may damage the fabric. If the fabric manufacturer’s label recommends washing in the washing machine, select a gentle washing cycle in cold water.


  • Avoid automatic laundry driers

Spread the wet out, silky fabrics flat on a clean, dry towel and wind to get rid of excess moisture. Unwind and repeat the operation using a second, dry towel, then place the fabric flat on a drier or dry towel.


  • Use low temperatures for ironing

If the label of the fabric manufacturer indicates that it can be ironed, use a low temperature of iron and iron when the clothes is still slightly damp. Then hang the clothes to dry on a padded hanger. If the label of the fabric manufacturer does not recommend ironing, do not iron it.








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