How to wash the bed sheets and sheets

Your bed should be a calm, soothing place. You deserve the highest comfort in perfectly clean, fresh and pleasantly scented sheets. All you need to do is follow the tips below to enjoy a great night’s sleep on freshly washed pillowcases. Colorful dreams!


  • Familiarize yourself with the fabric manufacturer’s label. Make sure that there are no specific cleaning requirements. Most pillowcases can be washed at home in the washing machine, but special and delicate fabrics may require more caution.


  • Wash the sheet of the highest permissible temperature stated on the label of the fabric manufacturer. Synthetic (polyester) fabrics are best washed in warm water, but those from cotton in hot. Hot water kills most germs, and removes mites found in bedding.


  • Wash the bedding at least every two weeks. Although sometimes it’s easy to forget about sheets washing, think of it this way: some people spend more time in bed than in their clothes. If we regularly wash clothes, the bedding should also be washed regularly.


  • Sort colors. Just like clothes, dark and intense bedding colors such as lighter fabrics may fade or dye, so it’s important to wash your sheets with the same or similar color.


  • If possible, hang out the sheets so that it dries out. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and helps to brighten up the whiteness. If you can, do it regularly. If the weather or the time do not allow it, dry in a dryer.


  • Iron the sheet if the fabric manufacturer’s label allows ironing. Ironing helps to kill the remaining bacteria and mites after washing, and additionally facilitates folding and storing bedding.


  • Store freshly washed bedding in a dry, cool place. Sunlight has its advantages when it comes to drying bedding outside. However, if you want your colored bed sheets and sheets to look long as new, keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

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