How to wash your jackets and down-filled bedding

When it comes to down-filled duvets, sleeping bags, winter jackets or pillows, the right cleaning steps will ensure that they stay silky soft and fragrant. Follow these tips to properly care for your sheets or down-filled jackets.


  • Check labels for fabric care. To make sure that the item can be washed in a washing machine.


  • Check the seams of pillows and duvets. Sew up all tears. In the case of a down-filled jacket, fasten all zip fasteners.


  • Select the washing cycle. Select the normal washing and spinning cycle (unless otherwise stated on the label) and add the washing liquid Triumf Color (according to the dosing instructions on the packaging).


  • Load the washing machine. Put the linen or jacket into the washing machine. If the washing machine is only loaded in half, a few towels of the same color should be used to balance the load. Stop the washing machine from time to time to release the air collected in the washed object.


  • Drying. Dry mechanically at low temperature. Before drying, check the label with instructions for drying to make sure that the fabric can be machine dried and at what temperature.



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