Amount of washing adapted to the size of the drum

Not all washing machines are the same. One of the main differences is the size of the drum. It determines the amount of load the washing machine can handle. For example, a large drum can hold 9 kg of laundry while medium-sized only 5 kg of laundry.


The size of the load according to the size of the drum. If your washing machine has a large drum, you can do more washing at once. This means lower energy costs and time spent on laundry. But with more dirty clothes in the drum there is more dirt, so you will need more detergent for one wash. If the drum is too big, you will have difficulty filling it, so you will waste water and energy with each wash.


How to get the best results, regardless of the size of the drum? Always use the right amount of detergent for your laundry. A bigger drum does not mean you have to add more detergent. But the bigger drum is more water used. Whether you use too much or too little detergent, your laundry will not be properly washed, so using the right amount of detergent is the most important thing. Check our tips on dosing liquids, washing liquids and powder in the Dosing tab.


How do you know that the washing machine is full? Well, there is a simple trick that lets you check whether you have an overloaded washing machine or not – “Hand trick”. Place your hand in the drum – it’s so easy. If your hand fits between your clothes and the drum wall, then you have the perfect load size. If not, you can add more clothes to avoid wasting water. If you do not have more clothes to wash and you really need to do the laundry, check if your washing machine has a half load setting. You will consume less water then and the laundry will be done.

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