Tips on the care of washing machines

Not only does your detergent give your clothes a clean and fresh and pleasant fragrance. Your washing machine also plays a role, so it’s important to keep it clean and take care of it as much as it deserves. Ultimately, if the drum of the washing machine is dirty, it does not matter how good the detergent you use. If your washing machine starts to smell unpleasantly, it is probably due to the accumulation of washing residues, dirt along with the remains of detergents. Dirt removed from clothes can remain in the drum after washing and create a breeding- ground for bacteria. In this dark, warm and humid environment, these residues not only cause an unpleasant smell in the washing machine, but also can carry undesirable odors on clothes.


Regularly clean the washing machine with clean soapy water, remembering to clean the inside of the drum.


Monthly, clean the washing machine with the detergent cleaner.

Step 1

1. Preparing of the washing machine

Take all clothes and objects out from the washing machine.

Step 2

2. Adding a cleaning product

Add a cleaning product to the drum of the device.

Step 3

3. Starting the washing machine

Start the washing machine for a hot cycle, without clothes once a month.

Step 4

4. Finishing cleaning

At the end of the washing cycle, the washing machine is ready for use.

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