Bad smell

Nobody likes a musty smell in the washing machine. It can leave an unpleasant smell on the clothes and make the clothes need to be washed again. Have you ever done laundry and expected clean, fragrant clothes while you were greeted with a musty smell? This may be due to the fact that after washing you have left your clothes in the washing machine for too long, but this may also be due to the odors in the washing machine. The first one is easy to eliminate, just take the clothes off from the washing machine as soon as the washing cycle ends. As for the wrong smell in the washing machine, the good news is that it is very easy to deal with the unpleasant odors in the washing machine and it is easy to restore its freshness. You do not need to buy a new washing machine or call a plumber – a few simple tricks will help you refresh your contaminated washing machine. Clean clothes starts with a clean washing machine, so take care of it by doing a few simple steps. Use a detergent for washing machines and take care of your washing machine. Once a month, clean the washing machine with detergent and avoid unwanted smells in the washing machine and clothes.

Step 1

1. Preparing the washing machine

Take all clothes and objects off from the washing machine.

Step 2

2. Adding a cleaning product

Add a cleaning product to the drum of the device.

Step 3

3. Starting the washing machine

Start the washing machine for a hot cycle, without clothes once a month.

Step 4

4. Finishing cleaning

At the end of the washing cycle, the washing machine is ready for use.

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