Too much foam

Too much foam in the washing machine can lead to badly washed clothes and the need to wash them again. What is the reason and what can you do about it? Why is too much foam something bad?


Too much foam prevents good washing, because the clothes are not properly rubbed in the washing machine, which is a prerequisite for a good washing. Your washing machine controls the water level and foam during washing, and can also adjust the duration of the rinsing cycles. If you use too much detergent, too much foam will form, which can cause more rinses and unnecessary water consumption. Excessive foam affects not only the effectiveness of the washing machine, an excess of suds can also prevent complete rinsing of dirt from the washing machine. This means that dirt can build up on the clothes, resulting in unpleasant odors or problems with the device. Too many suds can also block the system that is responsible for rinsing the water from the washing machine.


The most common cause of excessive foam is the use of too much or the wrong quality of detergent. Triumf detergents are specially designed to provide an adequate level of cleaning power at the recommended dosage for your laundry. The ingredients of Triumf products ensure the control of soaps at the optimum level.

Step 1

1. Removing excess foam

The best thing you can do to prevent excessive foam formation is to add the right amount of high quality detergent. The easiest solution is to use a ready-made, pre-dosed detergent, i.e. a gel capsule Triumf or use a cap/measuring spoon suitable for the detergent to measure the correct dose per wash. Check the detergent instructions to find out how much detergent to use to minimize foaming.

Step 2

2. Check the water hardness

What else can you do? It is also important to check the water hardness. If your water is softer than you think, you may find that the amount of detergent is too high. In this case, limit the amount of detergent and contact your local water supplier. Products containing anti-scaling ingredients also soften the water, which may cause excessive frothing, so you should limit the amount of detergent per wash.

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