Washing capsules Triumf Color Protection 30 pcs.

Highly concentrated, gel washing capsules Triumf Color Protection are quick and convenient washing. Capsules are suitable for washing in automatic washing machines at a temperature of 30°C to 60°C. They dissolve completely during washing and ensure that dosing for one wash cycle is appropriate. Safe for the environment because they do not contain phosphates and zeolites. Specially developed composition of active ingredients and enzymes guarantees effective removal of stains and maintenance of vivid colors for a long time.

Pojemność: 30 kapsułek

Capsules can be washed in automatic washing machines at a temperature of 30°C to 60°C. They completely dissolve during washing and ensure that the dosing for one wash cycle is correct. Safe for the environment as they do not contain phosphates and zeolites. A specially developed composition of active ingredients and enzymes guarantees effective stain removal and maintaining vivid colors for a long time.

Washing Capsules Triumf Color



1. For lightly soiled laundry, use 1 capsule.

2. For moderately soiled laundry, use 1 capsule.

3. For heavily soiled laundry, use 2 capsules.

I. Put the capsule (s) into the drum.

II. Put the laundry in the washing machine.

III. Start the washing machine.

Instructions for use:

Follow the instructions on the fabric label.
Sort laundry by color.


Highly concentrated, ecological Triumf laundry detergents can be bought in supermarkets and hypermarkets all over the country, and conveniently ordered in the online store. You will find our products on the shelves of the Auchan, Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Makro, Selgros and Kaufland chains. If you prefer shopping without leaving your home, order Triumf products online at: bdsklep.pl, bd24.pl, alibaba.com.
Triumf products stand out from other washing agents. They are highly concentrated, efficient, safe and biodegradable. They do not contain phosphates or zeolites. They have the EU Ecolabel certificate confirming their minimal impact on the environment. A wide range of products means that everyone can find a detergent ideally suited to their needs. Triumf products include powders, liquids, washing capsules and fabric washing concentrates. In addition to standard products for washing white and colored fabrics, our products also include two specialist lines, Sensitive and Sport. Triumph is a guarantee of the highest quality and safety of use at a reasonable price.
The composition of Triumf products is based only on natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. They do not contain phosphates and zeolites. Phosphates commonly used in washing detergents are designed to soften the water, which allows for more effective removal of dirt. Therefore, it might seem that their use in detergents is a very good solution. Nothing could be more wrong. Phosphates are not indifferent to the environment. Their excessive amount leads to eutrophication of water, i.e. an increase in water fertility, manifested by the intensive development of phytoplankton and vegetation. As a result, the biological balance is disturbed. On the other hand, the use of zeolites in washing agents causes their high concentration in household dust, especially in rooms where laundry is dried and stored. It is important because inhaling zeolites (in concentrations above the norm, i.e. 1 mg of zeolites per 1 m3 of air) is harmful. Zeolites inhaled with air (for example in the form of dust) can be carcinogenic, cause, among others, a very dangerous neoplasm of mesothelioma. In addition, the production process of our detergents is carried out without the use of hazardous and toxic substances, thanks to which it has a low impact on the environment. The products use minimal fragrances, preservatives and dyes that pollute the environment and can cause irritation and allergic skin reactions. The confirmation of the above information is the fact that Triumf products have the prestigious EU Ecolabel ecological certificate awarded to products that meet high quality standards and environmental requirements.
Among our products you will find the Triumf Senstive line, which was created for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies and irritations - that is, with you in mind! Triumf Sensitive products do not contain fragrances, dyes or preservatives. They are free from:
• methylisothiazolinone and other dangerous preservatives, e.g. DMDM ​​Hydantoin,
• chemical brighteners, which are designed to brighten the white at low temperatures,
• optical brighteners, which are supposed to make our eyes see a whiter white (in my products the role of the bleach is played by active oxygen, safe and effective),
• phosphates and zeolites unfavorable for the natural environment,
• SLS drying the skin,
• aggressive fragrances that affect not only the skin, but irritate the respiratory system and affect the endocrine system (some fragrances reduce female fertility),
• antibacterial ingredients that adversely affect the microbiome of the soil and our environment.
Although they are gentle on the skin, they remove stains and dirt very effectively.
Triumf products have a specially developed formula that works effectively also at low temperatures. It provides excellent stain and dirt removal from 30°C. Washing at low temperature using Triumf products allows you to easily save energy and the environment.
In the case of sportswear, as well as any other clothing, first of all, you should follow the recommendations on the label of the fabric manufacturer. There you will find information on how to wash and dry the item. The type of detergent in which you wash your sports clothes is also very important. Triumf offers you specialized products: Triumf Sport washing capsules and Triumf Sport & Outdoor washing liquid, which have a specially developed formula designed for washing sports clothes and fabrics with a membrane. Effectively remove sweat and unpleasant odors from fabrics. They rinse easily and keep the original properties of fabrics with a membrane. They are safe for the environment as they do not contain optical brighteners, phosphates, zeolites or fabric softeners. Proper care of sports clothes also means not leaving wet clothes in the bag after training, allowing bacteria to develop freely, and preferably washing sports clothes on a regular basis, immediately after training. However, if you intend to wash your sportswear later, make sure it is dry and in a well ventilated area.
Bitrex ™ is the most bitter of all known substances (trade name - denatonium benzoate). Due to its bitter taste, it is added to various types of products, e.g. washing agents, cosmetic liquids (shampoos, soaps, nail polish removers, etc.), preventing consumption and preventing poisoning, especially among children. At the same time, it does not pose a threat to human health and life. Products containing Bitrex ™ are marked with the Bitrex ™ logo on the packaging. The addition of Bitrex ™ and a secure closure in the packaging of Triumf laundry capsules is a guarantee of safety for you and your loved ones.


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