Sustainable use

Utilizing the full potential of your washing machine means not only obtaining clean and fragrant clothes, but also finding the most efficient way to maximize the use of your washing machine. Sustainability is important for both the environment and the wallet, and even small things can help.


How can you do laundry in a sustainable way?


Purchase of a washing machine


The first step to sustainable washing is to buy the right washing machine. Choosing a model with a high energy efficiency index will help reduce energy and water consumption, which is beneficial for the environment. There are many very efficient, water-saving washing machines, so keep in mind the product specification to make sure you buy the best. Other things to pay attention to are the functions of the device. Washing machines with cold cycles, fast washing programs and eco-monitors can help you save on certain washes and achieve a balanced use of your washing machine.


Keeping the washing machine clean


It is also important to keep the washing machine clean, because a dirty washing machine can lead to a re-washing. It is best to clean the washing machine once a month to remove any dirt.


The right detergent


An effective and proper detergent not only plays an important role in sustainable use, it also provides better washing results. With the wrong detergent, your clothes may look neglected. When your washing machine does not have enough water to dissolve the detergent and work effectively, your clothes will be washed inappropriately. Because most detergents are not designed to optimize work in a low water environment, the effects of washing may not be satisfactory. Triumf products are detergents created by technology that produces less suds and dissolves quickly to provide the best washing performance. It provides excellent washing results, even when washing in cool water. Triumf detergents are concentrated, which means you will use them less in every wash while still maintaining cleanliness. Remember that using too much detergent causes excessive clogging of the device, and using too little results in an insufficient washing effect.


The right amount of detergent


Make sure you use the right amount of detergent, dispense the product properly with the cap or measuring spoon and follow the dosing instructions on the product label. This will help to prevent the need to wash clothes again.

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