Find the best colors for clothes

Wear your favorite colors, regardless of fashion trends, with a little help from Triumf. Colors are important. They can affect the mood, state of mind and even what others think about you. Choose the best colors for clothes and makeup based on your skin color:

  • If you have light complexion and a pink skin tone, choose cold colors.
  • If you have a dark complexion and a yellowish skin tone, warm colors will be ideal for you

Make sure that the colorful clothes you wear have vivid, intense colors. Faded clothes are unaesthetic. The Triumf Ultra Color will help you take care of your colorful clothes. It is effective even at low temperatures and regardless of the amount of washes, it cares about the vivid colors of the fabrics.


What colors say about you

Yellow. If you put something in this eye-catching color, you do not need many extras. This color means that you are a happy, fashionable and extravagant person who likes to be the center of attention and loves fashion.

Purple. It is a universal color that you can make a good impression on. It’s the color of mysterious people, self-confident, who have a sixth sense.

Green. It all depends on the shades that you have in your wardrobe. The pastels are fresh and youthful. Darker greens make you look more mature. Green is friendship, peace, openness and self-confidence.

Blue. Blue is the favorite color of many people. It is a color of peace. The blue elements of your wardrobe say that you are nice, calm and honest.

Red. To wear red clothes, you must be confident. If you do not have the courage to put on a red dress or shirt, start with the red accessories such as a scarf. Red means a strong, courageous person, ready to fight adversities, who likes to dominate.

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