Myths about jeans

Jeans require special care. They can be the most comfortable clothes you have. But do you take care of them properly? We disprove the most common myths about this popular fabric. Although there are many tips on how to extend the life of jeans, not all are actually valuable. We share with you of real knowledge of how to care for jeans.


Myth 1: Freezing jeans helps get rid of bacteria

Falsehood. While some bacteria die at low temperatures, other more persistent ones live on. And because most of the bacteria on your jeans comes from you, when the temperature of your body warms the fabric, germs will come back as before.


Myth 2: If you wash your jeans, do it with moderation

Truth. Washing jeans helps to restore their shape, but destroys the fabric, so do not wash them too often. Always wash jeans turned to the left to preserve their color, using a special liquid Triumf Color detergent. Spread them flat on a towel to dry.


Myth 3: Never put a pair of jeans in the dryer

Falsehood. If your jeans are “overstretched”, quick drying in the dryer can help them regain their shape. Follow the care label and remove the jeans when they are slightly damp to prevent unwanted creases.


Myth 4: The more stretch, the better

Perhaps. It depends on the figure and how close the pants you want to have. Jeans with a low spandex to cotton ratio, i.e. from 2% to 5% elastane up to 98% to 95% cotton, are best worn. Selection of jeans is an individual matter, so choose a material composition that you feel good and look great.

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