Washing colored fabrics

Colorful clothes are very nice and eagerly worn, but they need proper care because they can fade and lose color faster than bright things. Proper washing and care of colorful clothes, allow you to enjoy them longer. Check our guide on how to properly wash colorful clothes using the appropriate Triumf detergents step by step.


Step 1. Sort the washing according to the color shades. Wash new things separately because they can dye.

Step 2. Check if the clothes do not contain hard-to-remove stains, try to avoid bleach.

Step 3. Use the Triumf Ultra Color product. Wash clothes in a cycle with warm water.


Below you will find detailed tips and advices on how to wash and protect your colorful clothes.

  • Familiarize yourself with the tabs of your colorful clothes. There you will find information whether you should wash the item by hand, in the washing machine or put it in the dry cleaners.
  • Sort clothes by color. Wash related colors together. If you have a large amount of washing in different colors, group them as follows: violet, red, orange and yellow wash together, while navy, blue and green combine into another group.
  • Check if there are stains on your clothes, if you put a small amount of Triumf Ultra Color detergent on them, then gently rub it to spread the detergent on the fabric.
  • Turn new clothes over and put them in the washing machine. Remember not to overload it! Choose the right cycle that will allow you to wash your clothes off. Medium or delicate should be sufficient, especially when using Triumf detergent.
  • Wash new clothes in lukewarm water. For the best effect, use Triumf Ultra Color, which helps to protect colors during washing.
  • Take clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the washing cycle is completed. Leaving colorful clothes in the washing machine can cause them to dye each other.
  • Spread your colorful clothes out and leave to dry. Avoid using the dryer because it can cause the color to penetrate and fix any stains that could not be removed.


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