Washing white fabrics

We have different kinds of white things: cotton t-shirts, delicate clothes, bedding, towels or socks – all have one thing in common – they must be impeccably white. The following steps will help you keep the flawless white of fabrics.


Step 1. Wash white clothes with white ones.

Step 2. For washing white clothes, use a powder containing oxygen-based whitening compounds. Do not use bleachers for white plaid clothes.

Step 3. Wash at the maximum temperature allowed. If possible, dry out.


Washing white clothes

  • Put white clothes that can be washed in warm water in a washing machine. For example, a white cotton shirt and a synthetic blouse can be washed at the same time. Set a normal or delicate washing cycle with warm water.
  • Add detergent. Use washing powder Triumf Ultra White, which does not contain chlorine bleach, is safe for all types of fabric and effectively washes, leaving snow-white clothes after each wash.
  • Drying. If you have a dryer, dry cotton fabrics in high, and synthetic at low temperatures. You can also put all clothes in the dryer at the same time and take the synthetic fabrics out earlier.


Washing white towels, sheets and socks

  • Collect white towels, sheets and socks that can be washed at high temperatures. If you are unsure, check the tabs.
  • Use the highest temperature allowed according to the label’s instructions. Because the sheets and towels are used intensively, they quickly become heavily soiled. Make sure that the water is warm enough to remove any dirt. Adjust the water level to the washing volume and set the normal washing cycle.
  • If necessary, add bleach to the detergent. The Ultra White Triumf does not contain chlorine, yet it whitens and removes difficult stains from your favorite clothes without damaging the fabric.
  • If you have a dryer, dry all items at high temperature.


Washing delicate white fabrics

  • Collect delicate white items such as blouses, shirts or underwear.
  • Check the recommendations on the tabs and make sure that the item can be washed in the washing machine. Pay attention to whether hand washing or automatic washing is suggested, as well as the appropriate washing temperature and method of drying.
  • Wash delicate fabrics in cold water and set a gentle washing cycle. When using Triumf products, you should not have problems getting the perfect results even at low temperatures.
  • Hand wash your underwear and clothes labeled “only hand wash” on the label. Add a small amount of washing liquid Triumf Ultra White to a bowl of cold water, then wash and rinse your clothes under running water.
  • Dry at low temperature in the dryer or hang up. Let it dry. Check the drying method on the label.

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