Foul weather and mud outside

Being a child is a lot of fun in the fresh air and in the mud, and at the same time getting dirty. If you want to stop children from fear of mess and difficult strains, you do not have to, Triumf will help you. You can have great fun with your children outdoors, without worrying about dirty clothes, sneakers and much more. Here are four ways to do not worry about mud and have fun.


  • Become muddy artists. Go outside and create castles and sculptures with children using mud instead of sand. You can also draw something in the mud with a stick. Do you need a new play area? Smooth the muddy surface with your hands or feet and create a new creation. Or make fancy mud prints on paper with your feet and hands.
  • Become discoverers. Go to a nearby park and look for insects, worms and snails that appear when the ground becomes wet. Take a magnifying glass and measuring tape with you so that you can look at them and see how big they are. You can also organize a competition for who will find the longest worm.
  • Make a mud cake. Do you remember how you did it as a child? Now you have the chance to go back and do it with your children. Take small plastic containers outside and use them to make cakes and mud cookies. You can use pebbles, leaves, flowers, berries and other treasures of nature to decorate them.
  • Clean. Let Triumf take care of washing and stain removal. When you get back home, put dirty clothes and sneakers into the washing machine, add liquid detergent Triumf and set the appropriate washing cycle. Thanks to Triumf, you can carelessly enjoy memories of having fun together.

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